Honour Amongst Thieves

Avandra's Dice

Week 3

As quickly as the the new mob bosses have arisen, one has already fallen. Whispers spread through the underworld that the Wizard Zed is gone. A mob boss who had claimed parts of the Old Ward had a nightly visitor. Assassinated in his own stronghold by a black clad figure. The bounty is claimed and the Watch which had started to gather from it’s wounds relaxed again as the pressure from the nobles has lapsed. Even the normal citizens are talking about it like the mobs are gone, a rumour that seems to have been encouraged in a few places.

Those visiting the secret shrines at Avandra’s Wayrest dedicated to her aspect as goddess of rogues and luck have heard of an ill portent. The dice fall badly at this time for those in the trades. Luckily Avandra’s attention is known to be fleeting.



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