Honour Amongst Thieves

Murder in the Duke's Ward.

Week Two

A scion of House Avinril lays dead. Slain by magic. It is the talk of the city barely over the news of the purge of the underworld. A great reward of five hundred gold is offered to those that bring the malefactor to justice. Crime is continuing to be in the mind of the commoners and the nobles of alike.

It is a dangerous time. The inhabitants of the underworld are watching closely. Whispers spread; whose hand was behind this deed so close to Duke’s purge. Fear that the Duke will return his gaze back from the border keeps many laying low.

Is one of the new bosses rising up; making a name by striking so boldly. The bounty hunters investigate and the Watch has begun recruiting some of its losses. Rumours are beginning to spread that perhaps one of the bosses is involved….



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