Honour Amongst Thieves

Another Boss Falls
Week 7

News comes through the underworld that the impact of the raids has struck hard. Storm, the boss who was setting up in Lake Ward, has had their mob collapse after the stresses of having people captured in the sweeps. There is also news of the mass punishments from the gaol with many loosing their hands, despite a small flurry of raids attempting to rescue people. Some rumours fly that this may be the start of another purge already.

Fires in Little Market and the Watch inspired
Week 6

The only news around town for the week is a series of fires appearing in Little Market as an arsonist succeeds several times setting groups of buildings alight over several nights. News in the underworld spreads that the Watch has been hitting the ground hard trying to impinge on the growing crime sprees as the various new bosses start to emerge with growing areas of influence. Large crimes are increasingly dangerous as investigative teams have been formed by the City Commander to dig out the issues.

News from the Front
Week 5

The news of the town is based upon the Duke’s battles to the northern border with the hobgoblin nation of Sethe. While not much more than minor skirmishes the news has people looking for diversions and some of the trading guilds are looking nervously at the trade routes. Meanwhile the underground news has the power bases continuing to solidify as the newly emerged mob bosses

Reinforcements Arrive
Week 4

The fall of Zed and the dissolution of his mob has already faded from the public conciousness. Which is what is encouraged by the underground, but they themselves do not forget so fast. The underworld starts to look more nervously around and seeks the shelter of being in a proper gang.

Avandra's Dice
Week 3

As quickly as the the new mob bosses have arisen, one has already fallen. Whispers spread through the underworld that the Wizard Zed is gone. A mob boss who had claimed parts of the Old Ward had a nightly visitor. Assassinated in his own stronghold by a black clad figure. The bounty is claimed and the Watch which had started to gather from it’s wounds relaxed again as the pressure from the nobles has lapsed. Even the normal citizens are talking about it like the mobs are gone, a rumour that seems to have been encouraged in a few places.

Those visiting the secret shrines at Avandra’s Wayrest dedicated to her aspect as goddess of rogues and luck have heard of an ill portent. The dice fall badly at this time for those in the trades. Luckily Avandra’s attention is known to be fleeting.

Murder in the Duke's Ward.
Week Two

A scion of House Avinril lays dead. Slain by magic. It is the talk of the city barely over the news of the purge of the underworld. A great reward of five hundred gold is offered to those that bring the malefactor to justice. Crime is continuing to be in the mind of the commoners and the nobles of alike.

It is a dangerous time. The inhabitants of the underworld are watching closely. Whispers spread; whose hand was behind this deed so close to Duke’s purge. Fear that the Duke will return his gaze back from the border keeps many laying low.

Is one of the new bosses rising up; making a name by striking so boldly. The bounty hunters investigate and the Watch has begun recruiting some of its losses. Rumours are beginning to spread that perhaps one of the bosses is involved….

Underworld in Turmoil

The power of the Duke’s purge of the Bosses still echos and the underworld roils in turmoil.

All of the main underworld power structures have been smashed, but it cost the Duke. The Watch has been hurt in the ambushes while the armies are needed at the borders. The old informants don’t know what is going on because no one does.

The chief made men of old Bosses are dead or are now gathering troops and looking around. Oppurtuinity abounds, the coves are looking for leaders still and flocking to anyone standing up.

People seek to find what is going on and who is going to arise from the ashes, while staying out of the eye of the Duke.

Where we begin

The Duke has roused his troops. The citys underworld for so long under the control of the Council of Seven has had the head severed. The Bosses and major Underbosses have been ambushed and slain.

The city watch has been weakened during the purge. The Duke’s Troops are on the borders. The underworld stands open for someone to stand-up and take the reins of power.

The remains of the various major underworld mobs are looking for leaders and people are stepping up to fill the vacuum of power. Will you be one of them?


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