Character Creation

Your character is an otherwise normal 4th Ed DnD character.

Statistics are 3d6 in order of preference.

You can be any valid race, but note that the city is predominately human.

You can be any class, but note that you are playing a social job position.

Start at level 4

Start with 100gold to buy gear (not the normal magic items).

The idea is you are making a leader, not an adventuring powerhouse.

Each player may choose a theme as part of their back story which gives a significant edge which I will work into creating the character and starting mob. Please feel free to message me with any ideas you have. If you just want to be a normal up and coming boss thats no problem, but if you want an idea that is different please say. I will be balancing things out when I have everyones input.

Everyone starts out with a safe house in their starting territory. This has a 10gp/week upkeep for supplies like food/drink/security/snitches/bouncers etc. Please feel free to add extra detail that you want for your own. As you acquire extra territories you can get extra safe houses or upgrade a safe house to a guildhall (50/gp week to run).

Character Creation

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