Common Terms

There are some new terms and specific meanings to others.

Coves are interchangeable, low-ranking thieves and thugs. They run day to day things and are the common rogue. They are not brave or able in combat but are mostly loyal.
Coves cost 1gp each per week for food/training/wages.

Made man
Made men, bring specific, valuable skills and talents. Each made man gives you another action you can do each week.
Man men live a higher lifestyle and often consume more in materials. Each type has their own specific upkeep.

The Mob statistic Street is effectively the streetwise ability of your mob. It is your informats, snitches and knowledge of the people.

The Mob statistic Muscle is the battleworthyness of your mob. It is the command and training of your mob as a whole.

The Mob statstic Respect is the worth in the eyes of the underworld of your mob.
It represents the mob being seen to be following the rules of the underworld. Taking care of coves gains it, letting them hang, reduces.
Each player starts with 2 Respect.

The Mob statistic Infamy is the knowledge of your mob to the eyes of the Law.
Each player starts with 2 Infamy.

The Mob statistic of Defense is ability of the mob to protect itself and its territories.

Common Terms

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