What can I do during a turn

You can do generally what you want to do, but specific mob actions all have action costs.

You can do one action per week, with an additional action per made man. Please note if you do the action you are leading that is illegal or combat oriented, you are risking yourself directly.

Generally you also need to send coves as help on actions, you can also choose to send extra coves above minimum.

If you don’t choose anything or don’t get your response in for a week then your coves will do their normal work of minor thefts/rackets/begging etc. which nets you the base income from your territories.

You can choose to to tell your mob to do nothing illegal for the week also which generally halts all income, but reduces both infamy and respect.

The Format of bellow is NAME (Mob statistic used) Bonuses applicable from leader.

Actions (not exhaustive list, please feel free to message me with details on what you want to do)

  • Scout
    Scout out a territory to learn more about targets and competition at work there.
  • Burglary (Street) Social, Stealth
    This can be a specific target or a random target selected by your mob.
    Gang: 1 Made man + 3 Coves
  • Kidnapping
    Again a specific person or a random target seeking for a ransom etc.
  • Hire (Street) Social
    Seek out extra hires on top of the normal chance per week.
    Gang: 1 Made man + 1 Cove
    Cost: Extra coves 20gp, Random made man 50gp or Specific made man 150gp
  • Racket
    If you have a Racketeer made man you can see up a full racket/smuggling ring.
    Rackets are ongoing concerns that can earn large amounts of money although they become riskier to continue as they progress.
    Gang: 1 Racketeer + 5 Coves
  • Bribes (Street) Social
    Bribe a specific person for a favour.
    Gang: 1 Made Man
    Cost: Bribe offered.
  • Hits
    Assassinate a specific person.
  • Infiltration
    Send spies to gather information from a specific place/mob.
  • Raid
    Martial attack on a place to weaken or loot. Reduces targets mobs and/or coves.
    Gang: 1 Made man + 5 Coves
  • Muscle In
    Attempt to take over a territory.
    Gang: Made man and 10 Coves.
    Cost: 50gp
  • Intelligence (Street) Social
    Attempt to find out what is happening in the City and Mobs.
    Gang: Made man and 3 Coves
    Cost: 20gp
  • What can I do during a turn

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